Musings on Bodies

Well, here I am. My hope is to be the voice of reason in the arena of nutrition, fitness, and wellness in this merry band of assholes we call

Of course the new year is rife with good intentions and resolutions, but truly, does anyone actually stick to them?

I don’t make resolutions anymore. I make behavioral choices.

My behavioral choice thus far for 2015 is to stop the body-shaming. Stop it on myself. Stop it on others (which is primarily in my mind, I try not to be a rude judgy person out loud). Stop it in regard to media, the internet, TV, magazine covers, movies…and so on.

There is NO one perfect body. All of us are different in our own unique ways. If I choose to take care of my body and nourish it with the right food it needs and challenge it with the exercise it enjoys, then I’m doing the right thing. Same goes for everyone.

I’ve got more to say on this, we’re just at the beginning, folks.

~ Dre