Tucson Food Guy comes to Rysham

So I am going to be contributing to Rysham on Fridays and sometimes on the weekend… Boy are you in for a treat, or trouble, or both. So I figured since you will be hearing from me on at least a weekly basis I should tell you about me so you know where my rants are coming from.

So who am I? I am Michael and I consider myself the Tucson Food Guy. I have been in the Tucson area on and off for over 10 years. I was a restaurant and hotel manager with different companies in Florida, Arizona, and California. I also worked for a number of years in the airline industry. Currently I am a travel agent with TFG Worldwide Travel.



I am passionate about Food. I have been on a “lifestyle change” now for a few years and have dropped about 30 pounds. This is hard when you are a Food Guy. As I continue to get smaller I will tell everyone about my lifestyle change and maybe even be able to help people commit to a healthier lifestyle. My goal is once I am done and get to my goal weight I will be able to share how you can enjoy life and the great foods the world has to offer without being unhealthy.

So what else…

Well first of all I am a terrible writer. I am lucky I got through College English, only did because Dr. Mark Edmunds was the greatest professor ever and really pushed me along the way. I still can’t write very well, my English is horrible. I talk with a Staten Island accent which make my podcasts all so amusing. I write with Staten Island english which if you don’t know what that is watch the Jersey Shore and listen a while. But then why blog… because I have a lot in my brain I can share and who says it has to be perfect English.

To describe what I write about I like to say I am a…


Foodie, Blogger, Social Media and Technology Guru, Activist, Kiwanian and Friend!!!


What it means is…

1) Foodie – I love Food, I love Food History, Food Service, Food Preparation, Food culture, and now maybe even some healthy eating. I am looking at maybe taking classes in Food Anthropology because the study of Food is awesome and Food sustains us, entertains us, comforts us, and maintains our traditions. And it is something every human in every generation has in common. I will write columns on some food stuff, like why we eat certain things, etc.

2) Blogger – This is an easy one. I blog. I have some of my own blogs. I love blogging because it gives anyone a platform to tell their story.

3) Social Media and Technology Guru – I love both. I worked on a Congressional Campaign as the Director of Social Media which is where I found my love of it. I also love Technology, especially Google and Apple stuff and am really starting to get into more of the Microsoft things. I will write entries on the greatest and newest tech stuff out there. I am going to focus more on Microsoft because I am really liking their new projects and don’t believe they are getting the coverage they deserve.

4) Activist – I am an activist. I believe in community activism and service. I believe if you want change you need to create it. I also get involved in Politics although I have to take a break for the next 3 years as I was appointed by Governor Brewer to a State Commission post which means I can not be an officer in a Political Party. But one can still be an activist without being in the party. In fact neither party wants me anyway… I am too socially liberal for the Republican and too fiscally conservative for the Democrats. I have aligned myself with the Libertarians because although they are just as wacky as the other 2 parties at least they know how to have fun.

5) Kiwanian – I am a proud member of Kiwanis where we Change the World, One Community and One Child at a time. If you don’t know what Kiwanis is, ask me. I would love to introduce you to the greatest community service organization. We are 100 years old now and I am helping them grow into the next 100 years.

6) Friend – Last but not least I am a friend. I love people. I think people are great. Do I get along with everyone, no but I try. Those who allow me into their circle know I am someone who they can tell anything to and know I will always give advice when needed and care about them. Interesting story about this one…

When I first moved to Tucson I was at a bar and this crazy guy was talking to us. He gave us his business card and one of the titles on his card was “Friend” and I thought about it and I said this is what I am. I am a friend.

So anyway that is me in a nutshell. I am looking forward to sharing my stuff with you all each week. If you want to hear about any certain topic drop me a note at michael@tucsonfoodguy.com