The Vegan Adventure – 20 days in

So I have been a vegan for over half a month now. How is it going?

20 days ago I took a challenge from a friend to become a vegan, at least part time. I took him up on the challenge. I did it to improve my health and maybe lose weight. This is how I am doing after 20 days.


Eating – First thing I want to talk about is what I ate for the first 20 days. I ate many things. Things I usually eat, but without animal products. I had pasta, veggie meatballs, nut cheeses, beans, hummus, tofu scrambles, burritos, even Chipolte and pizza. I didn’t miss any specific food items over the 20 days. In fact, I really enjoyed my food and did not get bored at all.


Health – I feel great! I have not felt this good in years. I sleep better and am more alert and awake.


Focus – I found focus an interesting thing about becoming vegan. My focus got better. I don’t have the same problems remembering things. Likely, this is because I am getting the proper nutrients.


Lifestyle – I am loving this new lifestyle. I am talking to people that are vegan and finding out friends of mine who I never knew were vegan are vegan. Also, a benefit is I can look at my dogs and know I am being kind to animals. Don’t get me wrong, I never went down this journey for animal rights and I do not harass others on their food choices, however being kind to animals is just a wonderful side effect.


The past 20 days have been wonderful. The only downfall was my fault when I decided that I would see if I could still eat meat to be a part time vegan after 15 days. It made me feel horrible the entire next day. That was the deciding factor in me keeping vegan full time.


I look forward to talking more about my vegan lifestyle here occasionally on, my blog, and my soon to be launched vegan blog,

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