The Warrior Poet – II.

The Warrior Poet returns with three new poems!


Little Addiction

little addiction
so Intoxicating
scent like silky smoke
fills the lungs
overwhelms the senses
creates euphoria
brings tears
a little of each
a little of all
a little addiction
my own
little addiction


Before the Twilight

Relent, heart, and no more beat unreasonably
The sun is but near the noontime
Your day has just begun
Your youth and ardor often shield you from reason
Or find reason where reason is absent
Impetuous, you ignore the depth to which the rift extends
And attempt crossing the divide before a second thought
Reconsider, reduce your fall to a slow descent
If descend you must
Bones will mend, wounds will close
But what is injurious to you may not heal so easily, or ever
Therefore relent, heart, and no more beat unreasonably
‘Twill be hours yet before the twilight
The evening star has long before she rises
There will be time enough to sleep when your day is over
However now assess before you assert
That when eyes close and breath slows and you drift into slumber
There will be sureness you’ve fought the good fight, and your long day will end in peace.



fallible but not imperfect, you have tripped a few times
perhaps more than a few, perhaps numerous times
but i love you none the less, for none is infallible
the tears, frustrations and disagreements may have been many, perhaps even more frequent than i care to count
they go hand in hand with the laughter, joy and love,
which are infinitely more plentiful, memorable and gratifying
there are things i wish i could have said to you
feelings that will never be verbalized to you
maybe even a few of each i might wish i could take back
but i take back nothing
i keep everything
and i know, now you know
i’ll still tell you
thank you for having given me the opportunity to be in your life
the honor is mine to cherish
none is infallible, all are perfect
i know, now you know

**This work was composed many years ago, the day my good friend lost her brother.


Alex is a self-narrator, which is why he frequently refers to himself in the third-person point-of-view.

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