10 Lesser Known Horror Movie Facts

Who doesn’t love a good horror movie? OK, there are some of you out there who don’t. This article isn’t for you. For those of you who revel in psychotic killers, murder nightmares, and cursed campsites, here’s a list of some horror movie facts you might not be aware of.

You'll never look this good in a fedora.

You’ll never look this good in a fedora.


10. Molly Ringwald Was Offered The Role Of Sydney Prescott In Scream

What's your favorite John Hughes movie?

What’s your favorite John Hughes movie?

Molly was an 80s teen queen and overlord of all things John Hughes: Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, and The Breakfast Club. She’s a certified legend. A decade later, screen writer Kevin Williamson had her in mind for the lead in the next big teen horror flick: Scream. Ultimately, Molly turned the role down. Not so much because she was 28, but because she was such an 80s teen icon that it wouldn’t be very believable that she was now a 90s teen icon, a decade later. As we know, the role went to Neve Campell, who was 23 at the time. Rose McGowan was also 23, Jamie Kennedy was 26, and Skeet Ulrich and Matthew Lilard were both 27. So, they’re either the biggest bunch of dopes who ever flunked outta school, or when you’re an adult, actual high schoolers look like they’re 12, so they have to cast adults to play teenagers so we don’t feel too creepy watching their shenanigans.


9. Man Faints Watching The Exorcist, Sues And Wins

That crucifix is kinda turning me on...

That crucifix is kinda turning me on…

The Exorcist is the definitive possession movie. It has an old priest, a young priest, spinning heads, frozen rooms, crucifixion masturbation, pea soup, crab walks, freaky old school MRIs, and the longest staircase you’ve ever seen.

Here's me not falling down those stairs in Georgetown.

Here’s me not falling down those stairs in Georgetown.

In 1974 The Exorcist was the scariest movie ever made. It literally sent people screaming from theaters. One overwhelmed moviegoer didn’t just faint during a screening, he broke his jaw on a theater seat on his way down. Double whammy. When he came to, he sued Warner Brothers claiming the film contained subliminal images that caused him to faint. The movie had more than enough terrifying images, it didn’t need any made up subliminal ones for anyone but this guys ego. And his ego came out a winner when the studio settled with him out of court for an undisclosed, but probably disgustingly huge, amount.


Linda Blair had a cameo as a reporter in Scream.

Sir, did the Care Bears movie scare you, too? Sir?

Sir, did the Care Bears movie scare you, too? Sir?


8. The Words “Elm Street” Are Never Spoken In The Original A Nightmare On Elm Street

Can you tell me how to get, how to get to DON'T SAY IT!

Can you tell me how to get, how to get to DON’T SAY IT!

Yep, Freddy Krueger was burned alive on Elm Street, and Nancy Thompson and a young Johnny Depp grew up on Elm Street, and the name of the movie was A Nightmare On Elm Street, but the words were never actually spoken in the film. No one ordered a pizza or called 911 or went on a scavenger hunt. Was the name too evil to mention? Like Voldemort, was it The Street Which Must Not Be Named? Does it make the name that much more creepy because it’s never spoken? Names are powerful and it was probably best it wasn’t bandied about all the time. Those kids had a hard enough time getting to sleep.


7. Robert Englund Almost Didn’t Reprise His Role As Freddy In A Nightmare On Elm Street 2

Not just another pretty face

Not just another pretty face

Robert Englund IS Freddy Krueger. You see him in anything else and all you can think is, “That’s Freddy Krueger”. Typecast? Yeah. But typecast can mean guaranteed paychecks, or so you’d think. The movie was such a hit that a sequel was quickly greenlit. Englund thought he deserved a raise to reprise his signature role, and who wouldn’t? Well, the studio heads didn’t. They insanely thought that just any old hack could play Freddy, so they took a shortcut and hired some hacks. Yeah, that didn’t turn out so well. Shocking, I know. The studio quickly relented and gave Englund the salary he requested, and rightly deserved.


6. Stephen King Was Instrumental In Getting Evil Dead II Made

Carrie White burns in hell!

Carrie White burns in hell!

Stephen King is a huge Evil Dead fan. He wrote a rave review for Twilight Zone Magazine proclaiming the film a “work of genius” and “the most ferociously original horror film of 1982.” King was right to lavish such praise on the Sam Raimi film as it is now a cult classic.

Raimi wanted to make a sequel but wasn’t able to secure the money. Enter Stephen King, who had a multi-movie deal with producer Dino De Laurentiis, and convinced him that he should invest in the Evil Dead sequel. That was good thinking, as Evil Dead is now a cult classic.


5. The Shining Was Nominated For Two Razzie Awards

I swear I'll get the 136th take right, Mr. Kubrick!

I swear I’ll get the 136th take right, Mr. Kubrick!

Ask any horror movie fan for their top horror films, and The Shining is bound to show up. Ask any film buff their top directors and Stanley Kubrick will probably be in there. That’s what makes it hard to believe that The Shining was nominated for two Raspberry Awards, which honor the worst in film. Shelley Duvall was nominated for Worst Actress, and Stanley Kubrick was nominated for Worst Director. The nomination committee must have been big Stephen King fans, as the movie isn’t quite what’s in the novel. But the voters were obviously fans of the film because it lost in both categories. So, I guess it won? The Shining fans are as rabid as ever.


4. Marilyn Burns Bleeds Her Own Blood In The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Club Soda will get this right out

Club Soda will get this right out

It’s no secret that the making of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was a nightmare. Many of the actors have said it was the worst experience of their career. Marilyn may have had it the worst, though: during the dinner scene Leatherface actually cuts her finger because they couldn’t get the fake blood to work properly. She experienced many real injuries during filming, like her being actually bitten by the decrepit old Grandpa during the dinner scene. The final scene where she is hysterically screaming in horror is probably a little more than authentic.


3. E.T. Was Originally A Horror Movie

I'm flying, Jack!

I’m flying, Jack!

Steven Spielberg’s family friendly classic E.T. The Extra Terrestrial started out as a movie about a family on a farm who are visited by a terrifying grey alien who would cause some havoc. Screenwriter Melissa Mathison came on board and did some rewrites until it went from terrifying alien abduction film, to the heartwarming film that we all remember from our childhoods. What an E.T. horror film would look like? Blood, guts and Reese’s Pieces everywhere. Someone make this happen!


2. Kane Hodder Played Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, And Jason’s Victim In Jason Goes To Hell

This? Just my serial killer terrarium.

This? Just my serial killer terrarium.

There’s a lot of fun Friday the Thirteenth trivia such as Jason’s name was originally Josh, and Betsy Palmer only appeared in the original film to buy a new car. One of the most interesting facts comes from one of the worst movies in the series, Jason Goes to Hell. This was supposed to be the final film starring Kane Hodder, the greatest actor to portray Jason. Not only does Hodder makes his debut as Freddy Krueger when Freddy’s hand and arm pop out of the ground to grab Jason’s mask at the end of the movie, but he plays Voorhees and a security guard who gets brutally murdered at the hands of Jason. He plays himself killing himself. That’s some Shatner level greatness, right there.


1. Real Human Skeletons Were Used In Poltergeist 

OOOOOOOklahoma, where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain!

OOOOOOklahoma, where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain!

You just got cast in a Stephen Spielberg horror movie and you’re psyched. It’s about supernatural happenings in a housing development that was built over a cemetery. Sweet! Today, you’ll be swimming in the pit that was dug out to install a pool, during a storm that loosened up some of those graves and unleashed some plastic skeletons. They’re plastic, right? RIGHT?! Plastic was more expensive than actual human remains? Seriously? Are we that over budget? Are we that OK with desecrating the dead, for real? I’m going to go ahead an believe that these people left their bodies to Steven Spielberg. Now I’m wondering about the Indiana Jones franchise…

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