Growing Pains – Part 2

We’re at 33 weeks now, folks! This is Part 2 of my musings on the son we are waiting to meet, so please read on!


My father kept on me about getting a proper education. He was usually disapproving of my friends, thought my hobby of reading comics and watching cartoons would rot my brain, and didn’t care to understand my tinkering with the then-nascent bulletin board systems (BBS, for those who remember; 14.4 kBAUD, holla!). Sure, he was pretty hard on me when it came to social activities and all that, but you know what else he did? He helped me with my math homework. He helped me with my French homework. He helped me with my chemistry, biology, and physics homework. He could teach the teachers a thing or two about any of those subjects; still can.

My parents have always been strong supporters of education. Dad used to tell me that I would need to be smarter than the average student in America because we are not from here and have to prove ourselves even more than natural-born citizens of this country. My parents’ goal was to instill in me the desire to always learn. They succeeded.

They could only succeed by being active participants in my life. Through their actions I became inspired to follow their steps in achieving education, becoming resourceful, and being fit to lead if the need ever arose (in the meantime, I’m happy being happy and successful, and paying attention). Which now brings me to my point.

— End of Part 2. Check back in next week for Part 3! —

Alex is a writer who is just beginning to freak out about being a dad in the next 1-1.5 months.