The New Television

Is TV the way we know it dead?

I was reading an article the other day about shows on the “bubble” to be canceled. To my surprise, the main show on there was CBS’s Mothership, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. For the past 15 years CSI has inspired young adults to become forensic experts. The series is amazing, one that has me sitting on the edge of my seat. So why is it possibly leaving? The answer is in the New Television.
You see, TV is dead the way we know it. It started with the rise of reality TV. Shows like Survivor and Big Brother, non-scripted shows where anything can happen, where real life drama is the call to action. But this was not enough. As the world, and especially the younger generation, received the gift of YouTube, 60 minute reality shows filled with 3 minute commercial breaks (capitalism at it’s finest), were on their way out. Now we watch reality TV in 3 to 5 minute “shows”. Our commercials are streamed to us and after 5 seconds we can skip them.
But this is not the final death blow. The final death blow came just a few weeks ago when Meerkat came onto the scene. Now instead of watching reality TV taped we are watching people lifecast their lives. We are watching and communicating via Twitter with the “stars” of our reality shows.
With this type of access to those who entertain us, there is no wonder the 60 minute mini-drama is going out of style. I believe television will need to reinvent itself or it will go the way of the record player, gone and mostly forgotten.


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