Growing Pains – Part 3

We’re at 34 weeks now, folks! This is Part 3 of my musings on the son we are waiting to meet, so please read on!

I am here, today, the person those of you have come to know (if you know me), largely due to my parents’ efforts. They paid attention to my development and were active participants in my life. To them, making time to teach me to become a decent adult was not an inconvenience. I never knew they did not have time to contribute to my upbringing, because when they did not have time, they made time. I never knew any different.

When our son is born, and throughout his life, I want to follow my parents’ lead and be that for him. I never want him to think that he’s not good enough for or deserving of my time. I want to be a primary source of knowledge, wisdom, love and comfort for my son. I want us to laugh together, and for him to learn from me what cannot be taught in a classroom, the way my parents taught me about life unfiltered, uncensored, and unsheltered, but in safe and supportive settings (nobody needs to live my parents’ lives or mine). I want him to know he can come to me to discuss anything. Even if I have to tell him I disapprove of whatever action he’s considering, at least we will have talked about it and he will understand why I disapprove.

There may be times when I will not be his friend. That’s all right. I am his father and parent. My parents were never my friends. They do not need to be. I have tremendous respect for them, tremendous pride in being their progeny. If you knew what they had done to get our family to this country, you would likely also feel this way.

— End of Part 3. Check back in next week for Part 4! —

Alex is a writer who is just beginning to freak out about being a dad in the next 1 month or so.